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What is Sedate or Tone in Acupuncture points?

Good morning Readers, Today we are going to discuss a more technical issue that is the source of many doubts among acupuncturists. If you are an acupuncturist, you have certainly wondered whether you should “sedate” or “tone” acupuncture points. Perhaps you still have that doubt. In what situations should we give this stimulus and what […]

Side effects of wearing masks – according to Chinese Medicine

Good morning Reader In times of pandemic, we will take the opportunity to talk a little about the consequences of wearing the mask on a daily basis and in the practice of physical activity. We know that in addition to social isolation and constant hand washing, the only effective way to protect ourselves from Covid-19 […]

Chinese Medicine and Pediatrics

Readers! Today we are going to discuss a little bit about Pediatrics and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I always receive many emails asking me if one point or the other can be used both in adults and children, if children can do acupuncture, if they have the same benefits, and this text is to clarify that […]

Milk Products and Sinusitis in Tradicional Chinese Medicine

Hello dear reader Today I’m going to talk a little bit about the impact of dairy products in the autumn / winter period, especially for people who suffer from recurrent sinusitis. Autumn and winter are seasons of the year with characteristics of cold and dryness. Thus, it is in these seasons that we often feel […]